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PROBLEM: Everyone’s Attention Span is F**ked. That Includes YOUR Prospects!

The average attention span of internet users is just 8 seconds, 1 second less than a goldfish! This means we must grab the attention of your prospects immediately!

Prospects will only buy your product if they properly understand it.

We’ll create a video that simplifies and explains your complex offer, and then help you market it to the world.

The Perfect Video Marketing Funnel

A high-converting video is only as good as its funnel. We’ll help optimise your funnel so that it best compliments your video!

Explainer Videos

Software Demos

Training Videos

Digital Marketing

Websites / Landing Pages

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Our Process

step 1

Kick-off meeting

We’ll get to know the real you. Your USPs, target audience & goals. Then we’ll map out the perfect video for your needs.

step 2


Our professional creative copywriters will craft your high-converting script using our 4-step conversion formula. All we need from you is your feedback from here on!

step 3


Once your script is approved, our talented designers will hand-sketch your story scene by scene which will be bespoke to your brand. This is where things get exciting!

step 4


We’ll share a couple of voiceover samples with you from different artists for you to choose from. You can provide your preference on gender, tone & accents!

step 5

Animation + Music & sound FX

With the storyboard illustrations approved, it’s time to bring your story to life! We’ll animate your video, add background music and liven it up more with some sound effects.

step 6


Most video agencies just send your final video and go their separate ways. Not us. We’ll help implement your video into your funnel. We’ll even send you a special gift 👀.

Clients Love Us

5-star rating on Google

The Pulse Pixel Team

Award-winning animation studio

Pulse Pixel is a multi-award winning Animation & Video Marketing company. Find some of our award badges below!

Strategic explainer videos

The secret behind a successful explainer video is how well it inspires action from the viewer. We don’t just create videos that look nice, we create videos that actually convert.

100+ Reviews & successful projects

Talk is cheap.  We’ve completed over 100+ explainer videos for various companies – mostly within the Tech & Software space. With 100+ positive reviews online, it’s fair to say our ego is bloody huge! 😁


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