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Our Story

Our Story

Our goal is to transform communication & make complexity disappear.

The problem that we have discovered with 90% of businesses in the Tech & Software industry is how complex their offer comes across. They may have the best product/service, but they fail to effectively communicate it in a simplified way.

Meet The Team

Bhim - Chief Barking Officer


Chief Barking Officer

Bhim is the life of Pulse Pixel, lighting up every room he walks into. When he’s not barking, Bhim enjoys chasing after squirrels, going walkies and being fed treats.

Umesh - CEO & Founder


CEO & Founder

Umesh founded Pulse Pixel in 2017 with a passion for all things video. He’s consulted 100s of entrepreneurs around the world to grow their business. In his spare time, Umesh enjoys playing the piano, playing football and kickboxing.

Manisha - Creative Manager


Creative Manager

Manisha leads the projects – bringing a combination of extensive digital experience, creative flair and natural leadership. She’ll have your project running seamlessly. Manisha enjoys travelling, photography & meditation.


Growth Manager

Theo handles the growth and strategy side, looking at how we can help companies beyond their video to achieve their goals. When he’s not working, Theo enjoys travelling, reading and going to the gym.

Haley - Scriptwriter



Haley is our kick-ass copywriter that crafts your high-converting scripts. With 300+ scripts written, it’s fair to say Haley knows a thing or two about storytelling. In her spare time, Haley enjoys playing World of Warcraft, yoga and weight training.


Animation Director

Arun is the head of production, leading the team to create some of the best eye-catching videos in the industry. When he’s not producing stunning animations, Arun enjoys playing golf, reading and binging Netflix shows.

Meet our Founder – Umesh Bhatt

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What makes us different

Custom Tailored

Just like a high-end suit, our videos are completely bespoke to your brand. This way, you don’t end up with a silly cartoon video that totally goes against your brand style.

Custom tailored

Conversion Focused

Just like a Hollywood movie, a good film is based on its story – not just how it looks visually. We focus on creating videos that inspire the viewer to think, feel and act

Conversion focused


Having the perfect video is one thing, but knowing how to make best use of it is another. We’ll help you implement your explainer video into your sales funnel so that the right people see it.


Industry Specialists

We work exclusively with Tech and Software companies, allowing us to understand and tackle the common challenges faced within this industry. Breaking down complex concepts is simply what we do!

Industry specialists

Helping Beyond Video

What good is a perfect explainer video if no one sees it? We offer additional marketing services, from websites, landing pages, ads & more. All with the goal of getting more eyeballs on your video.

Helping beyond video

Brutally Honest

We’re always super honest with our clients during production, because we know what works and what does. You’re looking for a team of experts, not someone to babysit!

Brutally honest

Over 100+ companies chose as because we are different

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