Endereum: Blockchain Explainer Video

Main Challenge

Main challenge

Endereum are in a very competitive industry, providing secure storage competing with the likes of Amazon AWS, Google & more. However, using blockchain made Endereum’s service stand out, but communicating what that means and why that makes them better was a big challenge. Endereum needed an explainer video that would convey the real value of their service, to secure funding and generate more sign-ups.

Our Approach and Solution

Our approach & solution

Endereum wanted an explainer video that would play a vital part of their launch, to simplify their service in a way that would inspire more customers and even funding. We went with a length of roughly 80 seconds, making it long enough to convey all the key points whilst short enough, to consume without effort.

Key results

Secured Funding

The explainer video helped to secure the right investors that Endereum needed, to take their platform to the level.

Better Understanding

Securing funding and generating sign-ups only happen when your audience understands the true value of your service.

Less FAQs

Better product understanding leads to less common questions being asked, leaving more time for Endereum to focus on other areas of their business.


Endereum and their team were extremely pleased with the final animated explainer video, as it showcased everything great about them in an engaging manner.


Events Engagement

Endereum made full use of their explainer video at large blockchain events, showcasing their service and attracting more eyes to their brand.

Stand Out

Endereum’s cloud storage is different from traditional cloud platforms such as AWS. The explainer video helped to separate their brand from their competitors.

Hear it from the client

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