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Main Challenge

Main challenge

Growthonics were looking for an animated video that would communicate the value of their services more clearly, to generate more booked sales meetings. They wanted a video for their website and online advertising – with the hope of increasing their conversions.

Our Approach and Solution

Our approach & solution

Growthonics spoke with a few different animation companies, but decided to work with us due to our expertise and understanding of marketing. We knew that the video would be used in the awareness stage of their sales funnel, hence why we went with a short 60-second elevator pitch style video. Something that could be easily consumed, to inspire viewers to book a call with them. We also took into account that the video would be used for their social media advertising campaigns.

Key results

Increased Website Conversions

Growthonics received a significant increase in their website conversions, generating them more qualified leads and booked sales meetings.

Increased Sales

More conversions, led to more booked sales meetings. This led to winning more business with their ideal clients.

Distinguished Their Brand

The explainer video helped to distinguish their brand from what is a very crowded and competitive marketplace.

ROI on Ads

Growthonics made full use of their animated video, through LinkedIn video ads. These target campaigns were showcased in front of their target audience, who would click the CTA after watching the animated video.

Better Understanding

Growthonics found an increase in understanding of their service, and process from their prospects. This allowed their audience to see specifically how they can help.


Helped Sales Team

With their explainer video doing the selling for them, this made the job a lot easier for their sales team in communicating their service to potential clients.

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