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Main Challenge

Main challenge

KMA Tech was launching their new product to the market, KMA Eyes. An AI-based data management platform for private and government sectors. Due to the technicalities of their product, combined with their very niche market – KMA Tech required full branding, new logo and an explainer video to simplify their platform in a way that’s easily digestible.

Our Approach and Solution

Our approach & solution

After an initial meeting with Vladyslav, co-founder of KMA Eyes – we agreed that KMA Eyes would require a full makeover which included branding, new logo and a 2 minute animated explainer video. Our main goal was to simplify their platform, make it clear what problem they’re solving and showcase their benefits. We knew that their niche market would take the time to watch a 2-minute video – as long as it was crafted correctly.

Key results

Better Understanding

KMA’s target audience had a better understanding of their platform, the problem they’re solving and the benefits.


Increase Email Responses

KMA Eyes’ sales team found a 35% increase in email responses as a result of sending the video to their prospects, as opposed to a lengthy email filled with text.


Less FAQ’s

The explainer video was used mostly during presentations, and one-to-one meetings with their prospects. It reduced the amount of questions and confusion centred around their platform.


Premium Feel

The KMA team said they felt the combination of Pulse Pixel’s branding, logo and explainer video services made their brand feel more premium and professional.


More Interest

With the combination of our branding services alongside their explainer video – KMA found a significant increase in interest from their market to learn more about their platform.


Shorter Sales Process

With the market understanding the true value of their product quicker, this resulted in more interest and a less lengthier sales cycle.


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