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How much does an explainer video cost?

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Most of our customers use their Pulse Pixel explainer video on their website, their social media channels as well as events. If you’re unsure, don’t worry! We will send over a client handover pack which includes how to best utilise your video.

I’m so glad you asked. We are an award-winning Animation studio with 100+ positive reviews online, with a plethora of case studies. Our videos are fully customised to your brand too. More importantly, we excel when it comes to storytelling and creating videos that actually inspire your viewers to take action.

On average a video takes 5-8 weeks to complete. It mostly depends on a) complexity or length of the video & b) you. The faster you provide feedback, the faster we can finish the video.

We’d be glad to help. We offer discounted rates for clients that need multiple videos done. If you’re unsure just how many you need, we’ll help you decide on our discovery meeting.

We’ve got you covered. A subtitled version as well as a custom thumbnail is included as part of your proposal.

An explainer video without a professional script is like a car without an engine. Our experienced scriptwriters know what the engine has to do to make your car drive correctly. We’d recommend only writing the script yourselves if you have an experienced copywriter on your team. We are always happy to review your script!

We are experts in crafting animated explainer videos that will generate you more qualified leads. We’ve worked with clients from various industries from IT, Software. Pharmacy & more. The process for a good explainer video is typically the same regardless of your industry.

If you want to impress your mother-in-law, get any old explainer video. If you want to win more customers, get a Pulse Pixel explainer video.

Because at Pulse Pixel we don’t have a standard story that is supplemented by your company name. Our scriptwriters take the time to understand your offer correctly and put themselves in the shoes of your target audience. They will then write a script that explains your solution far better than you could yourself.

Our designers sketch a style that fits your brand. No immature cartoony videos from Fiverr. Something that makes your brand feel different from the rest and does it justice.

There are several animation styles from motion graphics, whiteboard, character and isometric. You don’t need to worry too much about the style, as we pick whichever is most appropriate based on your brand, your target audience and the script. So don’t worry, we won’t be doing a cartoony style video if it doesn’t fit within your brand. Trust in the process! 🙂

Every company should be utilising a video in their sales funnel. If every person on your team as well as your prospects don’t properly understand your product/service – then you need a video.

If your in a competitive space and offer something that is simple to understand yet is better than your competitors – then you need a video.

Video is the best medium for communicating to your prospects. Prospects are 64% more likely to make an enquiry after watching a video about your product/service.

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