Our process in a nutshell

Here’s how we craft high-converting videos for our clients in the span of 5-8 weeks.

Kick-off / strategy meeting

Kick-Off / Strategy Meeting

Think of this like the first date. You can’t marry someone you don’t know, right? First we must get to know you and your product/service.

We shoot you a creative brief for you to fill in, which we’ll then delve deep into with your Scriptwriter. The goal of this meeting is to understand everything we need to know – your product, target audience, mothers maiden name, etc.

You will invest approximately: 60 mins



Now that we have a deep understanding of what you do, let’s turn it into a script that perfectly captures the essence of your brand’s message. This is the most important step of the entire process. 

Your scriptwriter will craft a carefully written script that emotionally resonates with your viewers, inspiring action.

You will invest approximately: 20 mins

Storyboard & Designs

Storyboard & Designs

This is where sh*t get’s exciting. We begin drawing out a storyboard that captures your script, scene-by-scene. These rough sketches illustrate how the video will look stylistically.  We’ll then digitalise them so you get a real insight as to how each scene looks and feels. 

And don’t worry, we’ll ensure the style of the designs reflects your brand. Characters? No characters? Less cartoony, more professional? We got you. 👊

You will invest approximately: 20 mins



Your video needs to speak to people. We’ve collated a list of incredible voiceover artists that will make your viewers listen. Male, female, accents – whatever your requirement we’ve got it covered.

And of course, your voiceover will be studio quality and professionally recorded.

You will invest approximately: 10 mins

Animation + Sound Design

This is what you’ve been waiting for. Our animators will bring your story to life! Our animators will create a visual experience for your viewers that truly compliments your brand and tells your story perfectly. 

We’ll combine your voiceover with the animation, and add in some appropriate background music and sound effects (which you’ll get to choose). We’ll even throw in a subtitled version!

You will invest approximately: 20 mins


And that’s a wrap! With the final video approved, we’ll send over a special handover pack which includes our secret ingredients on how to best utilise and implement your video. 

We’ll also offer specific digital marketing services that we feel will compliment your video to generate you the best results. Of course, this is optional – this is our way of trying to make sure you make full use of it!

You will invest approximately: 30 mins

What makes us different

Custom Tailored

Just like a high-end suit, our videos are completely bespoke to your brand. This way, you don’t end up with a silly cartoon video that totally goes against your brand style.

Custom tailored

Conversion Focused

Just like a Hollywood movie, a good film is based on its story – not just how it looks visually. We focus on creating videos that inspire the viewer to think, feel and act

Conversion focused


Having the perfect video is one thing, but knowing how to make best use of it is another. We’ll help you implement your explainer video into your sales funnel so that the right people see it.


Industry Specialists

We work exclusively with Tech and Software companies, allowing us to understand and tackle the common challenges faced within this industry. Breaking down complex concepts is simply what we do!

Industry specialists

Helping Beyond Video

What good is a perfect explainer video if no one sees it? We offer additional marketing services, from websites, landing pages, ads & more. All with the goal of getting more eyeballs on your video.

Helping beyond video

Brutally Honest

We’re always super honest with our clients during production, because we know what works and what does. You’re looking for a team of experts, not someone to babysit!

Brutally honest

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